5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Home [infographic]

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At David Jordan Homes, we firmly believe that a home is your most important purchase and most valuable possession. If you’re going to spend years of your life in your home, you deserve to have a say in its design and quality. We’re confident that we can build you the home you’ve dreamed about. Here are five reasons you should choose a custom home:

  1. Use Your Budget Effectively- You might think custom homes are not cost-effective, but you would be mistaken. You can make better use of your budget by customizing your home from the beginning rather than taking extra steps and spending extra money to remodel or renovate an existing home.

5 Reasons to Choose a Custom Home

  1. Build at Your Location of Choice- It can be difficult to find a home you love that’s also in a great location, but custom homes don’t force you to compromise. You can secure the ideal location first, and then we will design and construct your dream home on that land.
  2. Enjoy Better Quality Control- With move-in-ready homes, builders often cut corners and use poor-quality materials because they feel little responsibility to earn your satisfaction. When we build your custom home, you get to choose which materials we use and have control over the quality of work.
  3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint- Custom homes provide opportunities for energy efficiency that aren’t easily attained with older homes. If you would like to make use of new technology and help the environment, we can make that happen in your custom home.
  4. Incorporate Your Design Tastes- You want your dream home to reflect your unique preferences when it comes to layout, materials, finishes, colors, and more. We’ll help you create the beautiful space you deserve to live in.

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