When to Choose Inventory Homes Over Custom Homes

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Shopping for a home can be exciting yet stressful. You can either choose a new build or an already existing home that may have existing problems to go along with it. When considering new builds, you might think of custom homes that tend to be a big investment in both time and money as you wait for the construction to be completed. However, you can experience the excitement of a newly built home without the high expenses and long waits before the move-in date with inventory homes instead. These are homes that are built off of popular floor plans but with no specific buyer in mind. Here are a few times you might consider an inventory home over a custom home.

When to Choose Inventory Homes Over Custom Homes

You don’t have time to wait.

Whether you’re moving to the area as a job relocation or any other reason that requires you to be in the area sooner rather than later, you might not have time to wait for construction delays that can come with custom homes. Inventory homes are already built but still new, so you can move in right away and get acquainted with your new area.

A custom home isn’t in the budget.

A custom home can be a big investment. If you are a new homeowner just starting out on the journey, a custom-built home may not be in your budget. The builders may even offer discounts to sell them quickly, so the homes tend to be in a more attainable price range for new homeowners.

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